Ajeesh Kuttan

Ajeesh在新闻中毕业的毕业生开始在CartoQ的职业生涯中,其中少数人在努力进入职业。在CartoQ过去3年中,Ajeesh已经用Finesse杂耍了多个角色:新闻写作,视频编辑甚至射击汽车和摩托车。当你不'他在新闻桌上找到他,他'd要么是最新汽车的轮子,狂热地为镜头或镜头后面做出票据,为您带来南洋's cars and bikes in all their glory.

While Ajeesh likes cars, he absolutely loves motorcycles because they '简单令人惊讶'. For a 90's kid who grew up with supercar and superbike posters in his room, Ajeesh is just getting warmed up and wants to go as far as the road takes him.

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