Shantonil Nag

在工程毕业后,Shantonil选择少道路,并成为汽车记者。拥有超过8年的多辆汽车网站的经验 - Gaadi,Cardekho和现在Cartoq - Shantonil是这一领域的一位灰色的退伍军人。

Often living out of suitcases, driving one car after the other to bring you the latest in terms of reviews, opinions and photographs, this man even holds a Guinness record for the longest drive in India without repeating the route. If you don'找到他审查汽车或摩托车'll spot him heading to the hills. An in-house Himalaya expert, putting a car through its paces on desolate mountain roads is what thrills him the most.

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